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Nothing makes Addison Photography shine like owners Jim and Mary Fort. Married 30 years, you won’t find another duo that plays off each other’s strengths better, giving you vision and service— and dare we say even a little love— unmatched anywhere else.

Jim Fort, Addison Photography Twin Falls, Idaho

Jim Fort, 2011-2012 President of the Professional Photographers of Idaho, is an imaginative photographer who brings two decades of creative experience to your photo session. He also knows it’s not just about time behind the camera that gives families or seniors the shot they never dreamed. “What I love about photographing people the most is getting to know them and capturing their personality. Even people who say they hate having their picture taken seem to be surprised at what we’re able to bring out of them. Part of the magic is teaching people that their true beauty has been there all along.”

More about me:

Early aspirations: Astronaut or Race Car Driver, and I got pretty close, leading a NASCAR team as crew chief for 14 years. What I loved the most was the theory and design of racing and practically applying those designs, then testing them on the track. It was great to know whether all the ideas you came up with in the middle of the night actually worked or not!
Downside of being a Motorsports enthusiast (read gearhead): The number in traffic infractions (tickets) I’ve accumulated. I’ve actually lost count of how many were for speeding, but surprisingly two of them were for going too slow!
First Lesson in Entrepreneurship: As a teenager, my first job was a groundskeeper for a local bank that paid me $20 a week…on those days I showed up.
Favorite Camera: My Hasselblad medium format camera—it just feels good in your hands. But the 35mm Mary gave to me as a 30th birthday present ranks pretty high too. It got me hooked on photography and launched Addison Photography.
What Indiana Jones and I Have in Common: Disco reigned during my high school years. Over the summer of my junior year, I was fortunate enough to participate in an archeology dig at Lachish, Israel. Oddly enough I’m not sure which was more amazing to witness: the artifacts at the dig site, or the people inside an Israeli disco near the Sea of Galilee, dancing to the Bee Gees!
What Archeology Taught Me About the Artistry of Photography: There is always a story there, if you are willing to take the time to look.
I Hope My Last Meal is: Lobster. And if it’s truly my last meal, lots of butter too!
When I’m Relaxing You’ll Find Me: Either playing golf, reading or traveling.
Best Part of Having Grandchildren: I am surprised by how much I love them! They are some of the cuties in our children’s gallery.
If I was Stranded on a Desert Island: I would want my iPhone (Kindle app), my camera, and extra drink umbrella. And my golf clubs.
Those College Days: I attended Northwest Christian College in Eugene, Ore. and have been honored to serve and recently complete a six year term on the Board of Trustees.
If I Seem a Little Western Sometimes: I’m currently serving on the board for the Twin Falls County Fair and Rodeo, and am frequently amazed, both by how much I enjoy it and by how little I know about pigs, sheep, and goats.
If I Could Live Anywhere I Would Live: Anywhere with a beach and palm trees, or the Oregon Coast.
Something Funny About Mary When I First Met Her: When we were dating, I had a job that started at 4 am in the morning. One morning, I got off work early around 6 am and I decided to drive by her house (she always heard my car) and there she was— already up and outside mowing the lawn!

Mary Fort, Addison Photography Twin Falls, Idaho

Mary Fort, former VP of Data Processing at First Federal Bank retired to join Jim with their family business. As a past member of the board of directors at the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce, she relates to busy working families managing business, family and community affairs. “I love getting to brainstorm with families on how to bring a unique look to their photo session. I know from experience how tough it can be juggling schedules so we work together to make your experience an unforgettable one—not just one more thing to do. We’re blessed, in that we have met so many wonderful families who have made us feel as a part of their family. They allow us into their lives to photograph their families through the years, from baby pictures to graduating high school seniors, and of course, weddings that we do our best not to cry at.”

More about me:

Born and Raised: Third of four daughters from Filer, Class of ’80 Filer High School.
Must-Have Snack: Peanut Butter, Honey Marshmallow and Potato Chip Sandwich—don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it!
On Any Given Saturday, You’d Find Her: Getting my hands dirty in the kitchen baking or
gardening in the yard.
And On Any Given Sunday: Football. I can go a little nuts with this. You’ll never meet a bigger football fan. Bring it on!
Strangest Thing I’ve Found in the Refrigerator: When we were dating, a carburetor from a race car engine in Jim’s refrigerator. Bachelors.
First Job: Delivering flowers.
Early Aspiration: I actually went to CSI for fashion merchandising after high school. Later, I graduated from CSI the year before my daughter Jen graduated high school with an Associate degree in Finance.
Sign She Would One Day Marry a Photographer: I became a Sears model after high school when I worked there. The ads ran in the newspaper with me all dressed up in summer attire. Sadly, I can’t tell you where the print copies are now…
Won’t Leave the House Without: My iPhone with pictures of my grand kids.
Movies I Can Watch Over and Over: Overboard with Goldie Hawn or the original Parent Trap.
Why I Should be Danielle Steele’s BFF: I have a collection of her books that span at least three decades!
Favorite Season: Spring! Spring! Spring!
Most Likely Dreaming of: Bora Bora, French Polynesia or Isla Mujeres, Mexico.