Family Picture Locations

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Some Family Picture Locations Are Better Than Others

At least a small part of creating family portraits is knowing the options available for family picture locations. Over the years, we’ve become very experienced at knowing when to choose an outdoor location and why to use a particular location.

The Studio’s Camera Room

Our studio's camera room is just one of our family picture locations available to you.Choosing our studio’s camera room always provides the perfect light for your family making everyone look their best. Plus it’s always more cozy on those days of inclement weather or the Idaho wind that occasionally blows your hair in your face.

Local Parks and Campuses

MG_7069We have some favorite places in local parks and campuses that provide easy access. These locations are in plain view and offer an exclusive look and feel and are perfect for large portraits on the wall or gallery wrapped canvas.

Studio Grounds

MG_5453Just outside the Camera Room are our studio grounds. These provide differing looks throughout the day and are available year round but are usually the best in summer and autumn. Always a great choice for large-sized portraits.

Pasture and Horse Barn


Desiring more of a rural look? Look no further than our pasture. Or our horse barn. Because of how it’s laid out, your final portraits seem as though you’re miles from town, when in fact, you’re just a few steps from our changing rooms.

Snake River Canyon

MG_0098The canyon is always popular and beautiful. This is a good choice for a family portrait location if you’ve recently moved here or have friends and family that don’t live here. It’s always fun to share your family portraits featuring the canyon as a background with those not familiar with it.

Bass Lake and Alpheus Creek

MG_0032MG_3448We saved the best for last. We maintain a membership at Blue Lakes Country Club so that we may offer access to this exclusive location. How about family picture locations that provide the ‘day at the beach’ feel or next to a crystal clear, ‘see all the way to the bottom’, creek in a wilderness setting. Very popular and great locations for all sizes of portraits.

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