Magic Valley Arts Show

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When the phone rang in December, I didn’t think too much about it.

The holidays are always an especially busy time here at the studio so I was pleasantly surprised to be speaking with Carolyn from the Magic Valley Arts Council, and would I please consider being part of their “Digital Impressions” art show in January and February?

In case you are unaware, the MV Arts Council “is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to foster and promote arts & cultural experiences for all people in the greater Twin Falls area.” They occupy the beautiful building on the canyon rim that also hosts the restaurant Elevation 486, one of my favorite places in Twin Falls to dine out.

You can see the images on display through February 20th. Here’s a little about each of the images that I shared with the show.


Apples Corporate Ladder

Does life give you lemons? Sometimes it gives me ladders. Several years back, we were at the Kelly Orchards property to create family images for Richard and Caryn Kelly  (on the family firetruck) and while scouting the area I had come across these. I had walked past these ladders at least twice all the while thinking ‘I should take a moment a capture that image.’ So I did.  This printed merited at state competition.



Haunted is a perfect example of how a concept rarely ends up finishing as first intended. During Amanda Himple’s senior session, she changed into a prom dress and we started looking around Centennial Park in the canyon to photograph near the water. It wasn’t to be so we walked into the trees at Centennial and did this image instead. Open minds are a necessity. I did not enter this image into competition due to some broken compositional rules.


Just Another Day in Paradise

‘Paradise’ is quite possibly my most favorite image that I’ve created. Yep, it’s monotonous, almost a snapshot, as well as anonymous. I guess to make a long story short, it’s okay if you don’t like it. You probably shouldn’t.  But if you do, it might be for the same reason I do. Like the way it makes me feel whenever I look at it. I imagine a life FULL of Christopher Robin days and Winnie the Pooh task lists. This image is from Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. This print merited in state competition.


Last Call

Janae had photography questions. And had hired us for her senior pictures. So, while trying to explain how unimportant a camera is, and how truly important light was, I created this image that perfectly demonstrates how to make a bright white wall look dark gray. The microphone cord was added digitally. Just for fun, how many lights did we use to create this image?  Hint: count the light reflections in the microphone. It did not merit at state competition. (3 lights)


Noted Performance

For the last several years, we were the “Official” photographers for the Magic Valley Symphony. I know, I know, thoughts of being the ‘official yogurt’ or ‘official beer’ come to mind for me too. Regardless, it gave me free reign of all the concerts and Mary an enjoyable evening sort of with me. One year, the symphony’s theme was “Hands On!” and this is one of the images I created for it. Most all of these were created at a focal length of 200mm, allowing me to capture without the subject’s attention. I love the contrast of a working man’s stained hands volunteering his time after work to add beauty to our community. This image merited at state competition and can also be viewed in our MVS post on this site.


Painted Lady

Another senior client. And to give credit where it’s due, this was totally Ashley’s idea. The image is actually three images composited together. Expressive Ashley (due to the paint coming down in her hair) and the paint bottles. Only the streams of paint from just before the paint landed in her hair. And the paint on my black seamless paper floor once we were finished making a mess in the studio. Shot in the studio on black paper and no paint on me! This image merited at state competition.


San Francisco Skyline

The bride and groom were late. Over an hour late. It’s their day of course so it’s not a thing. Especially since this country boy is atop the Fairmont hotel’s tower in the Crown Room. A room with glass walls in every direction and views ranging from the Golden Gate, to the sun setting on the Pacific. Views of San Francisco to the South and even this one that includes the bay.  I hope that you’ll allow me one touristy image. If you’re old enough, you might recognize the tall building on the right from the movie, “The Towering Inferno.” This image did not merit in state competition.


Thelma and Louise

Wanna Get Away? Thanks Southwest Airlines. The Professional Photographers of Idaho hold what are called quarterlys (think business retreat only way more fun) from time to time and this is from one held in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. The girls were models hired for the event. Before you judge, we were photographing at the Thunder Mountain Line and had permission after they had shut down their tourist line for the night. Because this image could technically be considered to have been created during an instructional event (even though I was not being instructed), I did not enter it for competition.



What do you know about skateboards? Because I’m already quite good at falling down, I never felt the need to magnify it with a skateboard. But after this commercial shoot, I learned a ton. These are skateboard wheels. They come in different sizes, widths, and materials of course. The client wanted everything shot with a white background, which got me to thinking, “How much white can I add and still be able to show detail in the black and the white on the wheels?” This much. This image merited and even scored quite well at state competition. You could say, it didn’t fall down.


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