Magic Valley Symphony Concert

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Magic Valley Symphony

Several years ago I was asked if I would help the Magic Valley Symphony with images from their concert series as well as helping with the marketing design necessary to get the word out to the masses that, yes, a concert is indeed coming. The Magic Valley Symphony truly does fill a niche within our semi rural community by providing the occasional nod towards the arts.

As with many, I was in band in high school so I understand a lot of what happens behind the scenes and usually even feel some of the underlying tensions  and the nerves that come included with a performance. But mostly it helps me to anticipate what will happen next, an invaluable skill for a photographer. The best part? It’s like having your own live, visual, Pandora channel while you work. My channel even comes with it’s own conductor.

Below are images from the February 25th concert. Enjoy.

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  1. Sherry Cann says:

    beautiful pictures Jim, your work is inspiring! Sorry I didn’t get to see Mary, but it was wonderful seeing you.

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