Photographers. . . Have Tripod, Will Travel for Fun

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Question “My family will be together again this summer and I wanted to know if you would come to Boise and create family portraits for us?”


In a word, YES! We frequently travel to all sorts of destinations to create images and are happy to do so(you already know this if you’ve called our studio; it seems like we’re always gone). People tend to think that we only photograph at the studio and while it’s true that we do work there, it’s also true that we started out without a formal studio. The trial by fire method of learning taught us how to properly light to demonstrate depth and character and to include emotion. And probably a little known fact about me as a photographer; I’m easily bored with a scene. I know that I frequently drive Mary crazy because I’m always wanting a new background or canvas as I’ve grown tired of looking at the ones we currently have.
Of course the best part of location photography is the experience you provide for your family. We hear it all the time. The children’s comments, or the grand children’s comments about how much fun they had ‘that one day when everyone was together.’

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