Senior Photo Sessions

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So many senior photo sessions to choose from

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We’ve worked hard to create just the right senior photo session for you. Choose one or more from our sessions listed below.


Ultimately You

Think glamorous. Think glitz. But especially think fun. Multifaceted? We understand. Unlimited outfits and up to three hours will allow us to reflect on your more important facets.

Glimmer on location and in the studio.

3 hours | unlimited outfits | location & studio

_MG_1696Now & Later

Looking for a couple of different seasons in your portraits? No problem, bring up to four outfits each session and we’ll spend an hour per session revealing how much you’ve seasoned. This session also works great if you want to try a couple of different hairstyles too!

2- 1hr | up to 4 outfits ea | location & studio

_MG_0296Places & Parks

Uptown, downtown, out of town – you decide, we’ll go there and capture you at your best. Pack up to eight outfits and plan on a couple of hours. Bring your passport, because we’re leaving port looking for some fun!

1½ hours | up to 8 outfits | location & studio

_MG_0412Classic Captures

Our popular one-hour session is flexible enough to discover a little bit about you in as many as four outfits. This session works well for including a friend for an image or two. Indoor and/or outdoor at the studio.

1 hour | up to 4 outfits | in & out at the studio

_MG_4898Senior Express

Our quickest session, perfect if you happen to be in a hurry or if you’re doing it just for mom. In, out, and done, all within a half hour at the studio, 1 or 2 outfits, indoor only.

Any faster and we’ll have to install a drive-up window.

½ hour | 1 or 2 outfits | indoors at the studio

Call or text us today to schedule your senior photo sessions! 733-4522

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